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Music Mostly

Will, Jimbo & Brian

Our show about the music we love. Once a week, or so, Jimbo, Brian and Will get together to talk about music. Some weeks we get into album deep dives, some weeks we pit an album or artist against another, some weeks we discuss a personality in music and some weeks we just take it easy and wax about general music topics and trivia. We end each show discussing this day in music history and a Billboard Top Ten from a week in the past.

Episode 615 - The bud was low key and the records were Jamaican

What is up Good People!?! We are super stoked to be joined by the incomparable Pete Dog this week as we take are regularly recurring deep dive into a 311 record. This time around it is the 1999 gem, Soundsystem.

Episode 617 - Ride the Puppets!

What is up Good People? This time around we take a second (for us) but first (for you) look into the comparison of two classic metal records. We'll let you guess which two! And this time we are joined by first timer, Chef Eric. He brings some HOT takes to the show!

Episode 614 - I'm incarcerated, Lloyd!

What is up Good People? You ever wonder what it would sound like if Jimbo did the deep voice part from Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes? Well, you're in luck! Catch it here as we dive deep into the classic track.

Episode 613 - I want you to write poetically about how bad I suck.

What is up, Good People? Join us this time around as we dig into Far by Regina Spektor. This is another one of Jimbo and Brian's faves that was brand new to Will. And it's a blast! We're making computers out of macaroni pieces!

Episode 512 - Maybe she's born with it

What is up Good People? Join us this week as we talk about music to celebrate! That's right, Brian is a new father and that got us thinking about how we turn to music during the good times. We also talk about our human need for song and dance!  Check out the music playlist for the show!

Episode 514 - How was your Summer Break?

What is up Good People?  Join us for this one, the last one we recorded before Will's mom passed and before Brian had a baby. This one feels a little weird now, given the fall the Music Mostly family had. None the less, it's a good'n and we want you to hear it! Check out the playlist for sum...

Episode 515 - Excuse me while I kiss this guy

What is up Good People? This week we are finally getting into one of Jimbo's favorite singers on the planet....Julian Casablancas. From The Strokes to The Voidz to his solo work, JC is one of the best masters of melody in the game. A true visionary.  Check out the music playlist for the epis...

Episode 511 - Good Grief!

What is up Good People? We had a hell of a summer but unfortunately, it was capped by tragedy in Will's life. Join us as we open season five with a conversation about music as it relates to grief. It's a somber one but we have a few laughs and in the end, we survive. Check out the music playlist ...

Episode 513 - Like an old friend

What is up Good People? This week we are joined by the one and only Pete Dog for a discussion of 311's 1997 release, Transistor. Pete and I drove together to a Wal-Mart the day this record came out and bought a copy on CD, each. Recorded at our late mother's house, this one gets a little blue! Ch...

Summer Playlist Spectacular!!

What is up, Good People? We hope that you are having a fantastic summer. We are enjoying some rest, family time, wedding gigging, yada yada yada. Anyway, you know what makes the summers amazing? MUSIC! We were looking for a way to stay connected and collaborate while enjoying the summer and we deci...

Episode 420 - Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a...well, just baked

What is up, Good People? Join us this week for the Season Four Finale! This is one for us. Jimbo, Brian, and Will spend some time talking about songs about weed and reflecting on Season Four. It's been a great experience so far! Thanks so much for listening! Check out the music playlist for the e...

Episode 419 - Inconceiveable!

What is up Good People? Join us this week as we review the prolific career of Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E. He and his group, eels, have been consistently putting out records for 30 years. The pace of release is pretty much the only consistent thing about them, as we will discuss!  ...

Episode 418 - It’s actually my opinion that is of no consequence at all

What is up Good People? Join us this week as we discuss one song. If you are going to blather on and on about one song it had better be a doozie and this one is. This week we wax about Radiohead's classic epic, Paranoid Android. This is Will's favorite Radiohead song. And it should be yours too! ...

Episode 417 - Play some pachinko; play some parcheesi

What is up Good People? Join us along with Pete Dog this week as we discuss one of Will's favorite records of all time, 311's 1995 breakthrough smash, 311. The Blue Album. When Pete Dog joins us it's always a good time and this is no exception! Check out the music playlist for the episode!

Episode 416 - We all move to Switzerland

What is up Good People? Join us this week as we discuss the sheer volume of Mutt Lange's work. This guy has produced and/or co-written several of the biggest rock hits in history. You have heard all of these songs a million times BUT have you ever listened to them? Come with us! Check out the mus...