What's up with Spotify?

I tried to find your playlists on Spotify but I couldn't!

I know, right? It's crazy. It turns out that we have two Spotify pages. There is the page that lists the episodes of the show. This is our Podcat Page. This page gets populated by Anchor as we publish new episodes. We don't moderate or control this page. It is auto-populated via Anchor.

We use the white logo for this page. It looks like this (you can click on it to visit the page):

Then we have our Spotify User Profile. This is our account that we use to publish playlists. It functions just like your Spotify User Profile. You can follow this page on Spotify like you can any other page. It'd be great if you did so! We use the green logo for this page. It looks like this (this picture is a link as well) :

Music...Mostly Profile

Well, we hope that clears things up a little. We are sorry this is so confusing. Apparently there is no way to link your profile to your podcast show page because ..... there isn't. Thanks for bearing with us!

-Will, Jimbo & Brian